What is HumbleBuy?

HumbleBuy is a non-profit organization, that joins people together. We market to broaden exposure and increase the number of potential buyers for diversified products manufactured by people with varying ability levels. We provide an important link to consumers all over the United States for skilled individuals with disabilities to market and sell their products. As more and more consumers recognize the difference in quality between our products and the mass manufactured products that are so commonly purchased from mega-retailers, we are confident HumbleBuy has the ability to help people thrive!

Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing

Pathfinder OutSource Manufacturing provides cost-effective solutions for business and manufacturing. Our services include customized gifts, delivery services, skin packing, die cutting, bag sealing, vinyl heat sealing, riveting, paper cutting and folding, light manufacturing and product fulfillment.With our ISO9001 certification, you can count on high-quality, on-time delivery.

Pathfinder Creative Abilities

Pathfinder Creative Abilities Art Studio provides creative opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities who are served by Pathfinder Community Supports’ Day Services program.  This program offers adults full or part-time person-centered activities to facilitate life skills through community and center-based activities.  The Creative Abilities Art Studio is an expansion of the current art program at Pathfinder Community Supports and provides a space within the community where artists can paint, sculpt, sew, draw and craft jewelry.